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The Power of 8 Mushrooms

Turkey Tail Lions Mane Corclyceps Maitake Changa Phellinus Reishi and Shitake

Pack Size: Snack Pack 40g (80 serves) or 80g (which equals 160 serves!)



L'Barkery use only high quality, human-grade ingredients in order to give your dog the best tasting pet drink! We use yogurt and cultured milk because it's recommended as part of a healthy diet for pets due to the live and active bacteria cultures. Both are a great source of calcium, zinc, probiotics, and protein which can help boost your cat’s immune system, as well as promoting healthier and more efficient digestion, allowing for better bowel movements. 


The amazing mushroom blend has soo many benefits

Aids in

Immne System

Chronic Disease

Anti nfammatory

Gut Health

Heart and Lung Health

Nerve and Brain Health

Coon Health

Anti Bacterial

Kidney Health

Kennel Cough

Joint Health

Aids with Allergies

Anti Aging

Blood Health

Mushroom Super Powder Blend


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