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No Preservatives No Added Sugars Human Grade - Safe for Dogs n Cats

Coconut Pomegranate and Cranberry

Coconut: a natural source of electrolytes aids a healthy immune system. Anti Bacterial Antifungal and great for skin and coat.

Pomegranate: Fibre Vitamin K Folate Potassium which boosts your pets Immune System

Cranberry: Vitamin E C and K  Copper, Potassium Manganese Iron Magnesium Fibre Antioxidant Boosting the immune system and urinary tract health. It also aids in neurological health.

Avaibable in:

  • Sachets - just add water and shake or can be sprinkled over food or frozen for an icy treat.
  • Pawsecco Balls for a quick on the go treat
  • or Pre-mixed bottles for that extra fancy occasion

Pawsecco- Sachet


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