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An all natural healthy faux Pawtini drink for your dog. Tub contains 20 servings 


Ingredients Coconut Watermelon n Magnesium​


Coconut: a natural source of electrolytes packed with. Aids a healthy immune system. Anti Bacterial Antifungal and great for skin and coat.​


Watermelon Packed with Vitamins and Minerals also a great source of Electrolytes for rehydration. Minerals and Vitamins contained in watermelon assist in heart and cardiovascular blood health​


Magnesium aids in contracting and relaxing muscles as well as muscle regeneration. It also has been found for optimal organ health. In studies it has been shown to play a role your pets emotional emotional health and calming your pet, Magnesium is also well known to be effective in strengthening bones, teeth and preventing illnesses such as cancer.

Pawtail - Cosmopawlitan 20 serve tub