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Puppicino Original goodness and benefits now in a cookie..


Don't have time to mix up a beverage? On the go or traveling?

Then these probiotic cookies are the answer to keeping your fur baby happy and healthy AND they taste great.

  • Ingredients: condensed cultured skim milk, yogurt, maize corn flour, and flavours.
  • Flavours: Original, Beet Latte, Hot Tottie, Hot Cross Buns, Banana n Mango, Blue Velvet, Peanut Butter, Coco Cino, Mocha


Only high quality,  human-grade ingredients sourced within Australia are used in order to give your dog the best tasting probiotic drink!

Yogurt and cultured milk (it's not milk ! ..a term used by us to describe the bacteria group) as they are highly recommended as part of a healthy diet for dogs. This is due to living and active bacteria cultures contained. Both are also a great source of calcium, zinc, probiotics, and protein which can help alleviate issues such as gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, or other absorption issues and can aid in weight-loss by generating a longer-lasting “full” feeling in your dog’s stomach. 





Because it'safe: contains no lactose and our recipe has been formulated by our very own pet nutritionist. Safe for dogs & cats!

Superior quality: We only use high quality,  human-grade ingredients sourced within Australia in order to give your dog the best tasting & safest probiotic drink!

Nutritional Value: Yogurt and cultured milk are a great source of calcium, zinc, probiotics, and protein which can help boost your dogs' immune system, as well as promoting healthier and more efficient digestion and freshen breath.

Puppicino Cookies


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