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Popular meat treats in a snack pack aty pack


  • Beef n Bone Marrow

Rich in calcium and essential nutrients, Ideal for healthy bones and healing Beef with Bone Marrow

Ingredients beef, potato, beef liver, vitamin mix, vegetable oil and tapioca

  • Sweet Roo & Parsley

Rich Source of dietary fiber, antioxidants & essential nutrients. Freshens Breath Pawfect for sensitive stomachs.

Ingredients kangaroo Sweet Potato & Parsley

  • Chuckberry Chips

​Enriched with antioxidants essential for  a healthy immune system

Ingredients Chicken Duck and Wildberries

Chicken Duck Potato Raspberry strawberry elderberry blackcurrant craneberry Acai Tapioca

Roo, Parsley, sweet potato, rice, roo liver, vitamin mix and tapioca


These are not made by l'barkery we subcontract out to another company who make for them

Party Pack


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