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3 Serves per pack

Our make at home doggie gelato is 100% lactose free and safe for every pooch or even your kitty.

100% Australian human grade 


Coconut milk powder,which aids in figting viruses improving the immune system and adds shine to their coat while improving breath

Yogurt Powder is a great source of calicum,zinc,probiotics and protein as well as promoting a healthier digestion

Manuka honey powder, rich in vitamins A B C D E and F and also contains various minerals such as calcium magnesium,potassium,manganese,copper and more. In addition honey contins flavouroids which are health enhancing antioxidents.

Bannana powder A great source of potassium,manganese vit B6 ,C, fiber,biotin and copper but low in sodium and cholesterol

gargum fruit pieces.

Doggie Gelato- Honey and Bannana


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