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Pure Australian Human Grade Sea Scallop's.

 No Preservatives No added Sugars

Scallops are a healthy option as a treat for petss to have in moderation. 

The nutritional value that scallops offer to pets is amazing . Scallops are a great source of protein, which is an essential nutrient for pets because it is an essential energy source. Pets need protein from animal sources, so this is a great snack to give your pet a small protein boost.

Scallops have magnesium, which helps absorb minerals and vitamins in your pets body. Magnesium aids in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Scallops also have phosphorus, which helps form teeth and bones.

Scallops contain potassium, which helps keep your pets muscular system strong while boosting their overall health. In addition, potassium prevents kidney stones and osteoporosis, which can be dangerous conditions if not treated.



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